My Visit to Syllabus Workshop

April 4-6, 1997, at SMU, Dallas

Upali Siriwardane

Saturday, April 5, 1997, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.: Multimedia Tools for Windows Workshop leader: Tom Hall

The course includes a brief introduction to Multimedia ToolBook. I learned to scan photos, obtained images using a digital camera, to capture full-motion video. This workshop provided a look at several of the currently available tools used to develop Windows multimedia presentation and applications given below:

PaintShop Pro:     is aeasier and powerful image viewing, editing and converting programs. With support for over 30 image formats, and several drawing and painting tools.

Digital Video Producer: This allows to rag and drop video capture and editing to create a avi file.

3D/FX: With Asymetrix 3D F/X you can create a three-dimensional scene the first time you use the program. Simply drag-and-drop a 3D model from the catalog, add an interesting surface effect, lighting, shadows, and a backdrop, and you have created a 3D scene. The solid model preview and animation creator make designing a snap. Add a graphic dimension to your other applications with ease!

Multimedia ToolBook II: ToolBook II is a comprehensive solution for developing Internet-based Distributed Learning and Multimedia applications.

Sunday, April 7, 1997,9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.:Multimedia Authoring for Windows-ToolBook Workshop leader: Tom Hall

This workshop shows how Multimedia ToolBook II can be used to create a variety of interactive multimedia applications. I learned some of the basics of ToolBook, including how to add multimedia components such as images, animation, and digital video. Included is how to use the Book Specialist to build a Generic Content book and a Generic Quiz book, as well as how to use the widgets found in the CBT Edition to quickly build an interactive quiz that keeps score and provides feedback.

Multimedia ToolBook II is a most comprehensive solution for creating, distributing, and managing Internet-based distributed learning.

Book Specialist allows to build a Generic Content book for any course.

Generic Quiz book allows to create quizes and multiple choice questions. It also allows to give feedback to students about their score and even send email massge informing him of his performance record.

ToolBook II Librarian: A core component of the ToolBook II is a server-based course management system that oversees the Internet deployment of ToolBook II WebBooks. Built on the popular Java network programming language, ToolBook II Librarian allows course instructors and administrators to monitor student activity anywhere in the world. By leveraging the unique, two-way communications capability of the Internet, it is now possible to certify that a student has received a course; observe a student's progress; and record test results and other valuable feedback. In this way, instructors are able verify each student's level of understanding enabling certification programs and accredited degrees.

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