Dr. Upali Siriwardane

1.        2008-2009: “Incorporation of Nano-Scale Surface Charaterization Techniques inot LA Tech Chemistry/Physics Integrated Labs”, LEQSF-ENH, Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund, $85,238.     

            2006-2009: “Development of Low Cost Membranes (Ta,Nb, and Cellulose Acetate) for H2/CO2/CO Separation in WGS Reactors,” DoE, ($199,000).

2.        2005-2006:"Incorporation of Magnetic & Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, and High Temperature Synthesis into LA Tech Chemistry and Physics Curriculum," Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund -LEQSF-2005-2006- ENH-TR-37, Undergraduate Enhancement Program: $ 53,952.

3.        2000-2004:"Novel Preparations and Magneto Chemical Characterization of Nanoparticle Mixed Alcohol Catalysts" Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory-DoE-NTL, $191,000.

4.        2002-2003:“Acquisition of a Mass Spectrometer for Undergraduate Laboratories and Research”, LEQSF-ENH, Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund, $84,635.     

5.        1999-2000:“Incorporating of Electrochemical, Magnetic and Thermal Experiments into Chemistry Laboratories at Louisiana Tech University": LEQSF-1999-2000-ENH-TR-37, Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund, $36,500.

6.        1997-2000: “High Pressure, Convectively-Enhanced Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition for Rapid Prototyping and Automated Part Manufacture," Louisiana Board of Reagents Support Fund, Research Competitiveness Subprogram-BoRSF-RCS, $ 199,068.

7.        1996-1997:"Incorporating Materials Science into Chemistry and Physics Curricula": LEQSF (1996-97)-ENH-TR-31, $44,500.

8.        1993-1994"Moderization of Freshman Chemistry Program": LEQSF( Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund), "Modernization of Freshman Chemistry Program," LEQSF-9-3-077, Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund, $ 31,500.

9.        1992-1993: Analysis of Thermal Degradation Products of Transformer Oil": South Western Electrical Power Company- SWEPCO," $ 110,000.

10.     1989-2003: Louisiana Tech University, Faculty Development and Summer Research grants, $8,000.

11.     1991-1992:"Involvement of North Louisiana Secondary Students in Experimental Chemistry," LaSER( Louisiana Stimulus for Excellence in Research- Human Resource Development Program-EPSCoR-NSF):, $30,000.

12.     1990-1991:”Enhancement of Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories": LEQSF( Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund),  $ 45,988.

13.     1990-1991:"Synthesis of Heterocarboranes," NSF-LaSER(National Science Foundation-Louisiana Stimulus for Excellence in Research): $7,000.